Advanced DevOps Friendly tools for Application Development end to end Automation

Isomorphic PHP, Virtualize, Configure, Deploy, Test, Build, Source, Track, Manage

DevOps, Agile & Automation

Development through to Delivery


Using Pharaoh Virtualize and Pharaoh Virtualize GUI, build yourself a development environment entirely configured using Pharaoh Configure, with Autopilot DSL Files. We also have Virtual Machine Images at our Boxes section.


Pharaoh Build and Configure include functionality for executing tests and displaying their results. We integrate Behat and PHPUnit for testing Server Side applications, and Client Side Applications running on all devices in Isomorphic PHP.


Build regular assets and versions of your applications, storing both Code and Binaries in Pharaoh Source, then build your infrastructure the same way, using Pharaoh Configure cloud modules to create and manage your Cloud Infrastructure.


Deploy your applications to Cloud or Servers using Pharaoh Configure and Pharaoh Build or deploy them as Mobile or Desktop Applications or other Binaries into Pharaoh Source or another Repository Management System.

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