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Become a Contributor

Pharaoh Tools – Contribution Process

Step 1: . First, you'll need to register an account on the website

Step 2: Then, you'll need to sign the CLA on this page. Use the checkboxes at the bottom of the page, AFTER reading it all carefully

Step 3: Let us know if you'd like to contribute an external module, a tutorial, code for one of our core products, or something else

Step 4: If it's not a core contribution, this is your last step. When you're approved by one of our moderators you'll receive an email and see a new menu pop up when you're logged in. You'll be able to make your contributions from there. Ping us if you need any help!

Step 5: If it is a core contribution, let us know which project/s you want to contribute to, and we'll send you a login to one of our git servers.

Step 6: You'll create a local branch for your feature or bugfix, and push it over to our servers when its ready

Step 7: Our Build Servers check the Git servers for changes regularly. When it sees yours, it'll try to build it in

Step 8: We do our build, with a few types of tests in it. Please include tests with your code contributions!

Step 9: Our Build Server will push bits of code that have passed tests to Github. If any tests don't pass, you'll get an email

Step 10: When your code passes tests and gets to Github, One of our magicians will merge your code into one our main codebases

Login and view this page to begin contributing!