Pharaoh Configure is the first solid platform for Systems Automation, Configuration Management and Infrastructure as Code implemented in native PHP. Hundreds of Modules to integrate with all the most common Software, Operating System and Cloud technologies. Available in Open Source and Enterprise versions.

  • Configuration for your Development Environments

    Pharaoh Configure is the recommended way configure Development Environments with Pharaoh Virtualize. Click here to see it in action.

  • Configuration with Testing

    Click here for examples of how to implement your Configuration Management Plans into Pharaoh Configure Autopilot files (Infrastructure and Configuration Management) files that also utilise System Testing.

  • Operating System Portability

    Click here to see how Pharaoh Configure can apply the same configuration to different Operating Systems.


An overview of the features available in Pharaoh Configure

What's Configure?

Systems Automation, Configuration Management and Infrastructure by code implemented in PHP.


Detailed Install Instructions for getting Pharaoh Configure running on your machine.

Getting Started

Here we have a few tips and tricks to help you get the best start from your Pharaoh Configure experience.


Boxify is a core concept of Pharaoh Tools, so its discussed in <a href="/concepts/boxify">Concepts, Boxify</a>


Cleofy is a core concept of Pharaoh Tools, so its discussed in <a href="/concepts/cleofy">Concepts, Cleofy</a>

Configuration Management Plan

Pharaoh Configure can help you turn your configuration management plan into reality, by writing your configurations into easy to read descriptive files, and letting Pharaoh Configure take care of the heavy lifting of implementation by itself. Your configuration plans will be saved in files called Autopilot files, and these can be shared, versioned and reproduced easily, to make your plan and infrastructure blueprint as portable as an email.

Configuration Management Tools

Pharaoh Configure can integrate easily with other DevOps and configuration management tools, allowing you to use Pharaoh Tools at specific points in your pipeline, suited to your process. Pharaoh Tools was built layered to the conceptual layers of a DevOps stack, which allows for drop in and out replacement between Pharaoh Tools Configuration Management and other packages you may already be using, at any one of those layers.