Welcome to the veritable treasure trove that is the Pharaoh Tools tutorials. You can learn how to take advantage of a whole host of Pharaoh Tools functionality from here.

Here you'll find notable info relating to particular modules. Many modules cover multiple Applications so will be described here including references to the Applications they cover, and will try do cover anything that is specifically different to a individual applications.

Snippets of code and solutions of all kinds that you can achieve with Pharaoh tools.

These are all full, complete systems end - to - end agile friendly systems. Use any of your Web projects and put them under Infrastructure as Code, Managed Configuration, Tested, Building, Automated Deployment. All the tutorials are under an hour and at the end, you'll have a usable production site, running tests and all the above mentioned Pharaoh goodness, and whenever you commit to master from then on, for a lot of setups you wont need to change anything. It just works. For the quickest results get an account with one of our supported cloud providers and go the cloud way.