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Check if a service is running

 Here's an autopilot file that will disable all inbound network connections except HTTP, HTTPS and SSH.

You can find this autopilot DSL file in our Pharaoh Snippets example repository https://github.com/PharaohTools/PharaohSnippets/blob/master/webserver_firewall/set_firewall.dsl.php. You can run the following command from the directory with the papyrus file and autopilot files in it is:

git clone https://github.com/PharaohTools/PharaohSnippets.git
cd PharaohSnippets
ptconfigure auto x --af=webserver_firewall/set_firewall.dsl.php

Here's the autopilot file that will configure the firewall for you:

Firewall default
  label "Lets deny all input by default"
  policy "deny"

Firewall allow
  label "Lets allow SSH input"
  port "ssh/tcp"

Firewall allow
  label "Lets allow HTTP input"
  port "http/tcp"

Firewall allow
  label "Lets allow HTTPS input"
  port "https/tcp"

Firewall enable
  label "Lets enable the Firewall"

Firewall reload
  label "Lets reload the settings if it was already enabled"

Logging log
  log-message "Firewall configuration complete"


Tags: Firewall, Autopilot

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