Pharaoh Manage

Here you'll find out about our Web Based Management and Orchestration console, Pharaoh Manage.

What's Manage?

Pharaoh Manage is our "one ring to rule them all" - A tool designed specifically to manage the others. We have an end to end toolset, but for us to get the greatest amount of use from them, we want to use the power of a Web Interface to control our Infrastructure. 

The Pharaoh Tools suite gives us all the tools to make our DevOps friendly PHP possible, and Pharaoh Manage provides Orchestration over everything in your technical Landscape. .

Managing all of the functions provided by any Pharaoh Tool, Replacing command line with web interface where possible, intuitive auto generation and focusing on ease and speed of use, we can tame our DevOps tools in any Environment or Applciation through a single Interface.

Pharaoh Manage is in Beta and currently only available to those trialling our Enterprise products. Watch this space for more from Pharaoh Manage.