The framework on which all the Pharaohs were built

What's Pyramid?

Pyramid is the framework driving all the Pharaoh tools. Essentially, the Pyramid framework is all of the files you'll find in the src/Core directory of any Pharaoh Application.


Pyramid Framework can be installed without other tools, but at this stage of development, it's not recommended unless you're an advanced user.

Feel free to contact us for further help on contributing to core if you would like to help in core framework development.


Read a brief overview of the Directory Structures you'll find in Pharaoh Tools


The bootstrap file in the Pyramid core is the front controller of your Pyramid application, and does a few bits. Here's an overview.


Every module should provide help definitions, so the processing of these is part of core. Here's an overview of how it works.


The View object handles your Application Output. Here's an overview: