Thanks Softforge

Hello again...

Here's a quick shout out to the most excellent lads over at Softforge who put together our amazing website!

Its the first post!

Hiya all...

Here's the Website for info about a suite of tools I wrote in PHP to aid Continuous Delivery of Web Applications. The idea behind Pharoah Tools is that Continuous Delivery tools that can be modified for PHP apps do exist, but why add extra technologies into our LAMP stack if we could have it all in PHP ... and now we can!

I've been a lover of tech since childhood, and in more recent times have performed the roles of developer, tester, systems administrator, hardware support, network support, field support, higher ed student and script kiddy on AMOS Basic (the last one wasn't a job, but it was where I learned how much I love tech so it gets in the list). So, at the time of writing I'm a build engineer and tester for the Beeb, who are pretty well loved in the industry (at least for their implementation of Agile).