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We have CMS Virtual Machine Packages

Hello again...

We have Virtual Machine Packages for the big boy PHP CMS systems...

We're heavily focused on Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress - these three CMS systems run 10% of the Web, so they have place in our hrearts - and now in our repository too.

We've put togethter Virtual Machine packages for all three that will run on PTVirtualize. Straight out of the box with multiple types of testing, fully managed and vesioned configuration, SCM ready for sharing and reverting changes,  the ability  share modifications to development Infrastructure as easily as any other code.

If you're working with one of the big Frameworks, or another CMS, it's likely on the way soon. First in our scopes we have Symfony, Zend, and Laravel. Laravel are currently using, and encouraing the use of, their devleopment environment Laravel Homestead .  We'll be looking to implement multiple setups for Laravel, including one that will mirror homestead through confiiguration rather than image installation, so we cabn allow for granular changes to be made, shared and versioned.


Pharaoh Dave

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