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Cloud Infrastructure

Pharaoh Tools integrates your applications with all the major cloud providers out of the box. Pharaoh Tools can control most of the Cloud Services from the biggest providers with a few lines ofcode, and provides the flexibility through PHP logic to capture all of your business rules and requirments.

We have modules for AWS, Rackspace, Digital Ocean, Joyent Cloud and Google Compute. We can allow you to protype, or reproduce your infrastucture from beginning to end on any provider, or any combination of providers in a few lines of code. Use DNS From Rackspace, Dev Servers from Digital Ocean, Production servers from Amazon and SQL from Azure if you like, when you automate Everything as Code with Pharoah Tools, implementing any or all of these ideas is only a few form fields away.

 Amazon Web Services Rackspace Google Compute Engine Digital Ocean Joyent Cloud Microsoft Azure

On the Private Cloud side of the coin, we have VMWare ESX integration out of the box, and we're working on our KVM integration at the moment. The Pharaoh Tools stack is higlhly extendible, so if there is a private or less popular Cloud Service that you want to use - its highly unlikely we wont be able tio integrate. Contact us to find out.

Openstack VMware KVM