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Development Environments

Pharaoh Tools was built with the idea of using Virtualised Development Environments from the outset. Pharaoh Virtualize looks to solve this problem by managing your Virtualised environments for you. Virtualization, with Versioned Configuration as Code and provisioning gives us the flexibility to. Pharaoh Virtualize is dedicated to managing them, and integrates seamlessly with with Pharaoh Configure, Deploy, Build, Test and Manage to complete your application pipeline.

We want our development environments to be as close as possible to all our other environments. That might be easy if we have a small set of dependencies growing to impossible as our dependencies grow. If we can be solid, why be slack even if we can afford to? If we can't let's solve the issue. Your Virtufile combined with Configuration and Deployment Provisioners will allow to to automate, modify and version the entire process in no time. As our configuration is under source control, we can easily revert. If we implement something that breaks the VM, we can revert the Configuration Files and reload the VM. If you're using snapshots and shell scripts - those kinds of tasks are exponentially more effort.

We've provided you guys with a whole bunch of the most common base boxes you're likely to use. Visit /boxes to see them. We're working on intergrations that will allow using Cloud Environments over local virtualisation, allow for using providers other than Virtualbox locally, and integration with Vagrant Cloud as a source for base boxes.