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Rackspace vs AWS

What's all the fuss about? Many organisations see these behemoths of cloud as the leaders in the field for PHP applications. For many organisation, moving to the cloud means moving to one of these two companies.

Rackspace - The world's largest hosting provider, and AWS the worlds largest and still fastest growing cloud provider. We provide seamless integration for all of the Rackspace public cloud services, and are working on completeing the Openstack integration for their private cloud offering. We integrate with most of the AWS services (there are a fair few) and our engineers are beavering away on completing the full stack integration

Amazon Web Services Rackspace

Worried about Vendor lock-in - Being in a situation where you are tied to a provider?. When you automate with Pharaoh Tools, you'll be able to pick and choose providers and services at any point of your stack with no more than changing a few lines in a file. Want to use a London datacenter based Rackspace CDN with an AWS Dublin and Virginia based Web cluster? No problem - when you're doing Everything as Code, you can change anything in any part of your stack from a few lines of application code.