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Test Anything Easily Anywhere - we're not looking to replace any of the major testing tools, rather provide automated ways to configure and use them in any of your environments. Refer to Phil Dibowitz - People don't test because it takes too long to set up. The more complex testing our application becomes, the less likely it is we can do it. Here's Phil Dibowitz of Facebook saying something similar...

So enter the idea of Testing Anything Anywhere. You should be able to test anything that you want to test, in any environment, with minimal configuration. If I want to test Behat on Live or I want to run some API test software locally in development, there should be as little a barrier as possible between that decision and being able to prototype it. Testing increases quality, but we don't want so sacrifice productivity for it. The lack of automated testing does not (mostly) come from having a lack of automated test resource or time to write tests, but more from the overhead associated with implementation..

PTTest aims to provide these automated integrations in a way that is flexible enough to intregrate with the rest of the system, and also configure itself wiith reasonable defaults so it can begin doing its job with little or no configuration. Convention over configuration means we should ideally start with immediate reasonable working defaults, but still have the ability for granularity to change whatever we need to, whenever we need to.