Pharaoh Source brings native Source Control Management to PHP Web Applications. With native support for Git and features for your favourite Languages and Platforms. We provide all the functionality you expect from enterprise level Source Control, and a wealth of Modules in our Repository for easily extensibility functionality.

  • Source Control

    Pharaoh Build integrates seamlessly with the most common Source Control technologies and services out of the box. Those include Git, Github, and Bitbucket. Enterprise customers also have extensions available for other common Source Control technologies.

  • Release Processes

    In the Pharoh Tools DevOps Stack, Pharaoh Source works with Pharaoh Deploy, Track and Manage to provide solid release processes that can utilise automated deployment, authorization, scale, logic, security, speed and accessibility.

  • Module Repository

    Easily extend functionality through the web interface or command line to add extra Modules from our Module Repository, or your own repositories, in seconds.

What's Source?

Source is the Source Code Management server written as part of Pharaoh Tools. So much of the work we do as engineers is centered around code; Pharaoh Source is designed to store, distribute and manage code for your securely ad efficiently.

Websites, Desktop or Mobile Applications, CLI or Server based Applications, API Applications. Whichever kind of applications you're building, they are all built from code.

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