Pharaoh Test

Pharaoh Test is the Test Automation and Aggregation tool for the Pharaoh Tools automation stack. We aim to make the configuration and execution of any or many types of test suite simple for any environment your application is running in, or any stage of your application pipeline.

  • Prototyping Test Technologies

    Pharaoh Test aims for little to zero configuration for every testing technology it supports, and alongside Pharoah Virtualize and Configure, allows rapid prototyping of Test technologies in your Application stack.

  • Release Processes

    In the Pharaoh Tools DevOps Stack, Pharaoh Build works with Pharaoh Deploy, Track and Manage to provide solid release processes that can utilise automated deployment, authorization, scale, logic, security, speed and accessibility.

  • Module Repository

    Easily extend functionality through the web interface or command line to add Module from our Module Repository, or your own repositories, in seconds.

  • Test your Builds

    Pharaoh Build integrates seamlessly with Pharaoh Test to provide easily usable while highly configurable test suites for your applications, automated and annotated with the Graphs, Monitors and Integrations you'd expect from an Enterprise build server.

What's Test?

Test Suite Execution and Configuration Management, Test Infrastructure by code implemented in PHP.

The idea here is that test suites can take ages to configure correctly, especially when we have differing team members on differing systems updating their local tests multiple times. Your test suites are applications in themselves with your main application, so we want to treat them as such.

Test Suites

There are a wide range of Test Suites available. A common barrier for Software Development teams to getting highest value from the lowest effort when attempting to implement  new test technologies into their stack, is that with the myriad and complexities of technologies available - the sheer amount of time they can take to prototype or implement and associated maintenance. Here's a look at some of the Test technologies and what close-to-zero config is going to look like for them.