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What's Track?

Track is the Pharaoh Tools Business Process Automation tool tracker. From the ground up, built to allow you to create simple or complex issue tracking systems - fully integrated with both your application and Pharaoh Tools.

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For all the systems and processes that we can automate outside of the Software Pipeline process. One of our most common features is aggregating team communications. 5 people in a remote team using different mthods of communication about a project can always be sure that there will be a copy of everything everyone has said regarding it on any platform (Skype, Email, Facebook or Other Messenger Services, BBS, Slack, or anything else). By tagging our conversations anywhere, we can track them everywhere. We just write the tag, the automation takes care of aggregation.

Pharaoh Track gives you the ability to extend your issue tracking system in any way that you want now.

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Our ideas around this were that it should be simple to update, easily tied to committers, commits, tests - there's likely to be enough state information to be able to fire up the application correctly as it was previously at any point, so you have working proof of state the whole way through lifeline at a couple of clicks. We want to be able to integrate be nice to get a saucelabs video for every bug fix that kinda stuff.